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The process of finding an honest mortgage broker should not be as daunting as buying a house in the first place. 

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as an Exclusive buyer's broker and Loan Officer, i've helped nearly 1,000 families purchase a home!

My name is Alysse Musgrave, and I’ve been a consumer advocate for the homebuyer since 1995. I am the broker & owner of HelpUBuy America and a Mortgage Loan Officer serving borrowers all over Texas. Helping people find, buy, and finance homes is my life’s work, and I love it. I’m a horrible salesperson but a great caretaker and friend. My job is to teach, advise, and protect my clients, and I take my role seriously. And, as you can see from my reviews, I’m damn good at what I do.

Wholesale Rates

I keep my pricing simple and cheap. I start with the lowest wholesale interest rate for which you qualify. Then, I add my ultra low origination fee, which you or the lender can pay. That’s it! There’s no bait-and-switch pricing or fine print. I earn a reasonable commission that is FAR less than what other lenders charge, and you save thousands of dollars upfront and tens of thousands over the life of your loan.​

Full transparency

Expect me to be completely transparent each step of the way. I’ll send you various loan options, explain the differences, and help you make a decision based not only on the cost of your loan but also on one tailored to the home you choose, your future plans, and your lifestyle. No tacky, cheap car salesman tactics. Just solid, honest advice from someone with decades of experience working with homebuyers.

Fiduciary Duty

Have you heard horror stories about what can happen when the person you count on for mortgage advice turns out to be looking out for their interests over yours? I act as your fiduciary, which means I accept the legal responsibility of putting your interests above mine. You before me. All Ways. Always.

partner With Your Realtor

After helping almost a thousand buyers purchase a home, I know how to beat out other buyers and win the bid! I’ll provide your agent with a carefully crafted pre-approval letter to help them present your qualifications in the best possible light and help you outshine other buyers in a competitive market. Your agent and I will work as a team to get the deal done!​

Lowest Possible Price

I shop over 80 lenders within the wholesale marketplace to find the best rate, term, and payment structure most appropriate to your particular circumstances. If you need a loan with a low down payment requirement or your credit is not so pristine, for example, I can look for lenders that offer products specific to your situation. You’ll always pay the lowest possible price for which you qualify. Always.

buyers only since 1995

While I can assist with refinances, reverse mortgages, and investment loans, home buyers – particularly first-time homebuyers – are my expertise, specialty, and passion. Primary residence buyers have been my focus since 1995! You simply will NOT find another agent or loan officer more committed to the buyer than me.

since 1995

About Alysse

I now offer borrowers the same level of duty and care that I give to my home buyer clients. 

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Complete My Application

Apply 100% online using my secure portal. A certified pre-approval requires a credit check and verification of your income and assets. If you’re early in the process, I can run a soft credit report that won’t impact your credit score. 


Upload Documents

After completing your application, you’ll receive a list of documents to upload to your secure portal. Note that it is not necessary to upload documents to pre-qualify or to receive a loan estimate. 


Underwritten Approvals in a Day

Once I have reviewed your application and documents, I’ll submit your file for both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac automated underwriting (AUS) approval. Loans that have AUS approval still have to be manually reviewed by an underwriter, but a preliminary loan approval means your loan can close more quickly, and that you are far less likely to be have your loan denied at the last minute.

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Read My Reviews

I like to read reviews before we buy or hire someone, too! I’ve been in business since long before online reviews have become a thing. Read what just a few happy clients say about me below. My goal is to earn a 5-star review from you as well. 

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You ask, I answer

Have questions about your loan or buying a home in general? You’re not alone. Here are some of the questions I receive regularly.

Here’s the reality. When interest rates are low, home prices are high. As rates climb, more buyers are priced out of the market, so prices drop, at least a little. In my area (Dallas), higher rates translate to more reasonable list prices, fewer bidding wars, and less risk; it also means you have less buying power. Low interest rates mean bidding wars, a lot of competition, waived contingencies, and more risk, but you have more buying power.

Given the choice between paying $300,000 for a house worth $250,000 and getting a mortgage with a higher interest rate, I’d take the higher interest rate any day. Interest rates can be refinanced when rates drop, or the property can be sold, and the equity rolled into a new home. But overpaying for a home is only fun for the seller, and throwing money away on rent – although sometimes necessary – will not put you on a wealth-building track. 

If you’re considering a home purchase in this market, there are essential things to consider. How long do you plan to live in the property? Do you currently own a home? If so, what are the costs, and how much equity do you have in your property? How does your current rent compare to a potential mortgage payment?

With all the fast-paced changes in the real estate industry, you may need to recalibrate your thinking, manage your expectations, and revise your strategy. Feel free to reach out for friendly advice. Let me know if you need a referral to a buyer-friendly agent in your area. I’ll do what I can to help.

I’ve been fighting predatory lending practices for 28 years and have seen lenders use every trick in the book to win the deal. Bait and switch rates, unexpected charges, and junk fees were prevalent until Know Before You Owe policies were implemented. The good news is that most of today’s practices are more about smoke and mirrors than outright fraud, and that’s a very good thing. 

The mortgage industry is competitive, and, like any other business, every lender wants to advertise that they are the cheapest, fastest, and easiest to work with lenders. One-day mortgage. Free refinances. Free money for homebuyers. Buy downs. Free credit reports. These are all advertising gimmicks. Any lender can give you a conditional loan approval in a day. There’s nothing special or unique about any of these offerings, but they aren’t predatory practices. 

Predatory lending practices do still exist, particularly in the non-qualifying mortgage lines. A predatory lender – by definition – uses unfair and abusive tactics to convince borrowers to take out loans they can’t afford. They take advantage of their lack of experience and use high-pressure sales tactics to get them to sign up for a loan with unfavorable terms they don’t understand. The result? Big profits for the lender and potential financial ruin for the borrower. 

The importance of educating yourself – at least a little – about the mortgage process and working with someone trustworthy who has your best interest at heart cannot be overstated.



I work with a limited number of home buyers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Please visit https://helpubuyamerica.com to learn more about Exclusive Buyer’s Agency and my services. If I cannot represent you or you are outside my service area, I’ll be happy to help you find a buyer-friendly agent to assist you.


I’m not in the business of “stealing” clients from other agents, so if you’re already working with another agent, I won’t be able to represent you. If you need a sanity check about something going on with your transaction, consider me a resource for guidance, but it would be unethical for me to interfere with your transaction.

All mortgage brokers have access to the same wholesale rates. The company decides how much profit they wish to make on each loan – usually 2.5-2.75% of the loan amount – and adds it to the price of the loan either on the front end as an origination fee or the backend as a yield spread premium. 


The fee for my services is almost half of what others charge, saving my borrower clients thousands of dollars upfront and potentially tens of thousands over the life of their loan. I earn a reasonable origination fee for my services, and you save a ton of money. 

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Promoting honesty and integrity in real estate and ensuring ALL persons are treated with respect, dignity, and fairness have been the driving force of my companies since I opened our doors in 1995. 

How Can I help?

Have questions? Let’s talk. I guarantee no complicated loan speak. No tacky, cheap car salesman tactics. Just solid, honest advice from someone with decades of experience working with homebuyers.

By Best Selling Author & Consumer Advocate Alysse Mugrave

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